Rapido Trimarans


The Rapido Trimarans 60 – the world’s fastest production trimaran

Have you ever wanted to sail on the ocean faster than the wind? Now, you can! Known as the ‘Queen of the Ocean’, the R60 is the world’s fastest sailing production trimaran. Known for winning regattas and safe passage sailing, the R60 is a brilliant blend of speed, performance, safety, comfort, fun and freedom. This is seen through the R60’s luxurious and spacious interior and her ability to sail 1.4 times faster than true wind.

An example of the Rapido 60’s brilliance is when Romanza won the 2020 230 nautical mile Yates Cup in New Zealand. Romanza completed the race in just over 24 hours and nearly broke ORMA60 Vodafone’s record. Romanza and her owner Dougal finished the 2020 Yates Cup in just over 24 hours. The last 10 miles ended up taking 4 hours to complete. This was because there was literally no wind, so they needed the currents and tide to push them over the finish line. There is absolutely no question that the R60 can sail incredibly fast in the correct conditions.

You are remarkably comfortable and stable on a Rapido 60. This was demonstrated when a roast was cooked on Romanza while they were racing in uncomfortable weather conditions. These weather conditions were so bad that 35% of the racing fleet had to drop out due to damaged gear or seasick crew and flooding occurred on the mainland at that time. It is also interesting to note that despite these challenging weather conditions, Romanza remained intact and no damage was done to the gear. This demonstrates that any R60 can handle most, if not all, weather conditions, as well as being a comfortable yacht for many occasions. 

The Rapido 60 Ineffable has be seen island hopping in the Caribbean and the owner himself has said he only spent 5 months off the boat during this time. The Rapido 60 takes racing to a whole new level – and not just with its performance capabilities. Ineffable and its owner Stephen have managed to reach 28.4 knots out sailing before, which is just insanely fast.

The Rapido 60 is set up for two couples, with each having a stateroom and its own head. The R60 can have up to eight sleeping onboard. In addition to this, Rapido now offers an enclosed cockpit. This ensures that the entire cockpit and saloon area have the ability to merge. This will mean the entire area can become one interior, multipurpose space that can be used as a third private cabin, extra lounge or study. 

The Rapido 60 is a safe, comfortable performance sailing trimaran. The fast sailing capabilities of the R60 can be utilised to arrive at your destination faster or escape nasty weather. You also sail in comfort, as demonstrated by Romanzacrew in the 2020 Yates Cup having a roast dinner cooked onboard during the race. It requires significant stability to cook a roast, and yet the chef managed to do so on Romanza in challenging weather conditions. The conditions around dinner time were rough seas (where ironically the only crew seasick was the chef) and 50 knots winds. If that doesn’t convince you of a R60’s stability and comfort, then nothing can. 

For those looking for fun, speed, adventures, comfort, safety and award-winning performances, the R60 is the trimaran for you. Designed and engineered by Morrelli & Melvin and built by Triac Composites, the Rapido 60 is a fun, fast and safe trimaran to sail in all sailing conditions. For further information, please contact John Rich on 0412 517 424 or johnrich@planetmultihull.com . 

Rapido 60 Specifications

Overall Length: 18.1m
Beam: 11.7m
Draft: 0.75m
Light Displacement: 10.00 tonnes
Maximum Displacement: 25.30 tonnes
Headroom (average): 2.1m

Main: 125m2
Solent: 71m2
Storm Sail: 25m2
Reacher: 130m2
Asymmetrical Spinnaker: 210m2

Mast Height above Water Line: 25.3m

Rapido 50 trimaran

The Rapido 50 – the world’s largest folding ocean cruising trimaran

Known as the world’s largest folding trimaran, the R50 is an amazing technological marvel with a revolutionary design. The sailing performance is said to be fast, fun, sporty and easy. The freedom you have sailing the R50 is amazing, and the spacious cockpit and interior makes it both a safe yacht – as well as a comfortable one. With the same folding capability as the R40, the R50 can also be moored in a monohull berth. Is there any way you can say no to this amazing trimaran?

The Rapido 50 has a similar interior layout to the Rapido 60 with the ability to fold the beams. This means you can have your Rapido 50 in a monohull sized marina berth. Can you really go wrong? With the good reputation of the Rapido 60, I trust the Rapido 50 will become just as renowned as the Rapido 60, its predecessor.

Made of composites, the Rapido 50 is both light and strong – it will take considerable effort to damage this boat. According to Paul Koch of Rapido Trimarans, the Rapido 50 – “having been designed by Morrelli & Melvin, it is designed to last. It’s bullet proof.” This awesome performance cruising trimaran is designed for fast, comfortable and safe passage making. The Rapido 50 has 2 double cabins, forward and aft each with bathrooms and 6 people can sleep onboard as the saloon dinette easily converts into double bed. The Rapido 50 also has the ability to fold in itself unlike any other trimaran company is doing.

Explore the Rapido 50 in a 3D Virtual tour
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According to the Rapido Trimarans, when the idea to make their new Rapido 50 a folding trimaran was suggested, the initial reaction was “are you crazy??” I can kind of see where they are coming from. It apparently took a lot of consulting with Pete Melvin, one of the designers from Morelli & Melvin, for the team to decide “why not!”. The logic behind the decision was: “our management team has built more folding trimarans than anyone else in the world and if anyone understands the challenges and how to do it right, we do.” Which is a fair assessment from Rapido Trimarans. 

So, what are the advantages of having Rapido’s folding beams system? 

The folding system that Rapido Trimarans use keeps the beams horizontal when they are folded in side by side the main hull. Other folding systems operate differently. Each system is designed for specific and different application which owners desire. With the ability to keep the floats horizontal whilst in the folding position, there is absolutely no growth on the otherwise unprotected sides of the floats. Rapido trimarans also retain their original length when folded. The tangible benefits comprehensively justify this new way of trimaran folding. 

The Rapido folding system is “winch-assisted to take away, what some people say, is the back-breaking force required on bigger boats with other systems”. All in all, I believe the Rapido folding system has very much justified not only its existence, but its cost as well.

There are key benefits when choosing the Rapido folding system such as: strength, safety, aesthetics, gelcoat protection, marina mooring fees and berth availability. You do need to consider that you cannot tow a Rapido Trimarans on a trailer. 

According to Multihulls Magazine, “if you love the space, comfort and performance of the R60, but prefer the convenience of being able to fold the floats to slide into a marina of your convenience, this is the option for you.” 

Designed and engineered by Morrelli & Melvin and built by Triac Composites, the Rapido 50 is a fast, safe and fun trimaran for all to sail on. For further information, please contact John Rich on 0412 517 424 or johnrich@planetmultihull.com 

Rapido 50 Specifications

Overall Length: 15.24m
Waterline Length: 14.96m
Overall Beam: 10.38m
Overall Folded Beam: 5.5m 
Beam Float to Float: 9.32m
Freeboard: 1.6m
T board up: 0.67m
T board down: 3.52m
Light Displacement: 6.55 tonnes
Maximum Displacement: 8.40 tonnes

Main: 95m2
Solent: 54m2
Staysail: 18m2
Reacher: 125m2
Asymmetrical Spinnaker: 160m2

Mast Height above Water Line: 24.7m 

Rapido 60 versus Rapido 50 VPP comparison

Rapido 40

The Rapido 40 – the ultimate folding foiling trimaran

Known as the world’s ultimate foiling folding trimaran, the R40 is revolutionary and unique with its folding capabilities and foils. Fast, fun, sporty and safe, the R40 is a great trimaran for cruising and ocean sailing. The folding capabilities of the R40 mean it can be moored in a berth for a monohull. This is due to new technological developments.

Paul Koch, the expert boat builder and co-founder of Rapido Trimarans, believes the Rapido 40 will hit the “sweet spot” in the trimaran boating market. He comments that “a growing segment of the market is looking for affordable, foldable, trimarans that offer performance and comfort – without compromising safety.” Its remarkable price will also open “the Rapido experience to a far wider group of people.” Excitingly, the very first Rapido 40 trimaran will be launched in early 2021.

World acclaimed designers, Morrelli & Melvin began designing the Rapido 40 with the aim of becoming the standard for the mid-range size trimarans of the future. The input of acclaimed designers Morrelli & Melvin and Paul Koch ensured that the Rapido 40 would be fitted with ‘C’ foils in the floats. This is partially because Koch believes the ‘C’ foils on the Rapido 40 will give the trimaran “a massive performance boost both upwind and downwind without adding a lot of complexity”. 

Koch has also added that for cruising or normal day sailing, both ‘C’ foils can be in the “down” position, or just have one raised without significantly more drag. The Rapido 40’s performance, both upwind and tacking, is expected to be just as good in light to moderate winds as the Rapido 60, which is considered to be “excellent”. It appears that we have a new, fast and safe sailing yacht for us to sail.

The Rapido 40’s sailing performance will be driven by its high-tech build which will create a fast, light, easy to sail yacht. The distribution of weight has been thought through carefully. Heavy items including the engine will be centred under cabin floor. The Rapido 40 has been designed to be a genuine off-shore performance sailing trimaran. 

The Rapido 40 has the capacity to sail well in all conditions and can be anchored in shallow waters or alternatively can be beached. A boat being able to float in less water opens up a lot more options for cruising. You will have access to more anchorages, some of which will be safer for you to anchor in.

The Rapido design team believe the Rapido 40 will gain the interest of its target audience for multiple reasons. The Rapido 40 is light, fast and very easy to sail well. It is designed to be able to be sailed single-handedly. It has a functional, stylish and comfortable layout inside and outside as well as a higher technology construction than most production trimarans.

The Rapido 40 is amazing for all-round offshore cruising and racing. The folding system is stronger and safe to use. The weight distribution makes sense – with putting heavy items in the centre. Adding to all of this, the Rapido 40 is priced competitively. I am really struggling to find a disadvantage or reason to not buy this boat.

There has been such a big deal made about Rapido’s patented folding mechanism where the floats are folded up against the centre hull in the horizontal position, like onboard its bigger brother – the Rapido 50. Other folding trimarans have had some challenges in the past. Somehow, the amazing Rapido folding mechanism will: keep the floats in against the centre hull – without adding any length to the boat – without compromising the boats stability – and will fit in a single monohull berth in a marina. Just to clarify; barnacles and algae are no longer growing on the side of the floats, the length will remain the same, the stability, strength and safety will be exceptional folded and unfolded and your marina fees will decrease massively. And this new technology only available on the Rapido 40 and 50.

The freedom to sail, to have fun, to stay safe, to experience comfort is all here in this incredible trimaran. Who would say no to this awesome trimaran?

Designed and engineered by Morrelli & Melvin and built by Triac Composites, the Rapido 40 is a safe, fun and fast trimaran for all to sail. For further information, please contact John Rich on 0412 517 424 or johnrich@planetmultihull.com . 

Rapido 40 Specifications

Overall Length: 12.00m
Waterline Length: 11.96m
Overall Beam: 8.3m
Overall Folded Beam: 4.6m
Beam Float to Float: 7.45m
Freeboard: 1.5m
T board up: 0.56m
T board down: 1.4m
Light Displacement: 4.00 tonnes
Maximum Displacement: 5.00 tonnes

SA Main: 76m2
SA Solent: 43m2
SA Staysail: 14.4m2
SA Reacher: 100m2
SA Asymmetrical Spinnaker: 128m2
Mast height: 17m
Mast height above water line: 19.3m