Ocean Rider Catamarans

Banner image of the range of the ORC catamarans - shows the ORC 57, 50 and 42


The ORC 42 – the light, fast, unique sailing catamaran

Known for their great performance and comfort capabilities, the ORC42 is the ultimate performance cruising catamaran. The large open cockpit oozes comfort and safety, whilst the interior is spacious and comfortable. The Ocean Rider Catamarans ORC42 sails fast, is fun to sail and you get to experience the freedom of sailing on the ocean. The speed of sailing also helps you stay safe when you need to get away from bad weather. What more could you want from your catamaran?

The ORC42 is made of composite parts using the infusion process. The PVC foam core is pressed together in the sandwich reinforcement – with a coating of fibreglass and polyester resin to ensure structural integrity and strength. It turns out that PVC foam covered in fibreglass and polyester resin is both light and strong. It is both similar and different to using carbon fibre. Using PVC foam covered in fibreglass and polyester resin on the ORC42 results in a strong, light and relatively economical catamaran. The boat will still be a substantial investment. 

The ORC42 has a fixed aluminium mast and boom with an aluminium crossbeam. The fully-battened squaretop mainsail that is 65m2 and a 34mself-tacking solent/jib are good sails for the ORC42. The ORC42 has stainless steel standing rigging to keep the mast up with dyneema running rigging. With the 17.6 metres high mast, the air draft is 20 metres. The LED navigation and mooring lights are both eco-friendly whilst being extremely good lights. The five winches in the cockpit are dedicated to the mainsheet, genoa sheet, staysail sheets and daggerboards. 

On the ORC42, the owner has the choice of having fixed mini keels – with a standard draft 1.5 metres for good upwind sailing, or adjustable daggerboards – with a maximum draft 2.3 metres for an enhanced sailing experience. This catamaran has suspended rudders on shafts, so you can easily fix or change them as needed. You have double tillers with a direct carbon tubing link connection, making this both a very responsive system to use as well as an easy system to fix. This is useful if an autopilot malfunctions, as the auxiliary unit mounted in the other hull can be activated to get you safely home. 

  • ORC 42 render drawing
  • ORC 42 sailing in light breeze

In the rather large cockpit, there are two external helm seats with a splash guard. The throttle controls are by the starboard helm station. You also have a three fixed, three-person long seats with fitted cushions – with two slots for mobile table legs. There are also two storage pouches plus multiple watertight lockers. The extended roof for protection from the elements adds a shady area for you to relax in. For external storage, you have two big sail lockers towards the front and two large wet lockers at the mast foot. At the stern, there is a swimming ladder for you to use. On deck there are six docking cleats and a 1000 watts windlass on deck for the anchor. To close the cockpit from the salon there is a textile door which you zip up, which make it a clever way to minimise weight and provides for open living space in warm climate cruising. You also have the option of a conventional cockpit-salon sliding doors for owners sailing in colder climates.

The saloon has a large amount of space. In this area you have: a large dining table with comfortable seating, a fully equipped galley, and a chart table for navigation. The dining table can be moved to the cockpit when required using existing floor fittings. The comfortable seating includes: a fixed three-place long seat, two-place mobile stool with fitted cushions and a double day-bed, which is great for stand-by watch person to rest on a longer passage or a spare double bed for occasional guests. The ORC42 also has improved headroom and optimal cross-ventilation. The galley onboard is well thought out and fully equipped with a gas stovetop, a 65L air-cooled refrigerator, an amazing sink with pressurised hot/cold water and dedicated kitchen storage. The chart table has a large desk great as an onboard office, with integrated storage and navigation console. The mobile stool is comfortably cushioned. You also have the advantage of having your electrical circuit control panel as a modern touchscreen. 

The ORC42 is usually a two cabin, two-bathroom boat, with the option of having an extra forward cabin. The main cabins are in the aft of the boat, the section which is regarded as the most comfortable part of the sailing boat. They have a large double bed, large windows with lateral and aft facing portlight, a deck hatch for ventilation and natural light as well as large storage spaces in the gangway. The floorboards just happen to be carbon. The two bathrooms have a shower, sink, mirror and bathroom cupboards. The toilet in each hull is manual. If you choose to have the additional forward cabin, it is a single berth with portlights and deck hatches for good ventilation. The two double cabin configuration is most commonly sought after by buyers interested in offshore cruising in this catamaran size group.  

Designed by Christophe Barreau and built by Marsaudon Composites, the ORC 42 is the performance cruiser for all. For further information, please contact John Rich on 0412 517 424 or johnrich@planetmultihull.com .


Length: 12.88m
Beam: 7.39m
Min displacement: 5.8tonnes
Max displacement: 7.6tonnes
Standard draft (mini keel): 1.5m
Option draft (daggerboards): 2.3m
Mast Length: 17.6m
Mainsail surface area: 65m2
Solent surface area: 34m2
Engines: 2x saildrive 29hp
Diesel capacity: 2x 90l
Fresh water capacity: 2x 100l
Conception category: A
Architect: Christophe Barreau


The ORC50 – the unique big brother to the ORC42

Known for their ability to win numerous sailing races, the ORC50 is a great performance catamaran for you to go cruising on. Just recently, the ORC50 won a sailing regatta in France, leaving their opponents in the dust. While fun, fast and safe, the ORC50 is also a boat of comfort. With their roomy interior and large cockpit, you have a great catamaran to go ocean cruising on. For those interested in ocean cruising and award winning sailing, the ORC50 is the catamaran for you.

Marsaudon Composites build all of their multihulls to be as fast as possible, well sailing wise at least. Many of these design features come directly from the world’s best racing skippers. This is what the skippers’ want and deem appropriate for both racing and cruising catamarans. Some of these features involve multiple carbon-fibre options including: a rotating mast with Spectra standing rigging, daggerboards, forward crossbeam and even a carbon main bulkhead. The hull and deck are made of high-quality vinylester with foam sandwich core.

In a test sail, the ORC50 has already recorded 23 knots in 18 knots of wind whilst sailing on a reach. The fact that the ORC50 can sail faster than the wind speed is an incredible feat. This is something that few sailing yachts can claim. 

The cockpit is relatively compact, offering a fixed table and seating for up to six people. One of the neat features in the main cabin is a daybed which comes handy if you are sailing shorthanded for long distances. The mainsheet runs along the back of the cockpit, which is good for performance, but encroaches a little on the space for socialising. Despite this social encroachment, the ability to react or act when something goes wrong is much easier to do with the mainsheet running where it does.

The interior is simple yet incredibly functional, in which the space is designed for speed – utilising the latest in lightweight materials and practicality. The levels of luxury in the interior are lower than a Lagoon – however, you will always have what you need; if perhaps not always what you want. It is advised that you do not expect all the fineries of various modern catamarans. After all the reason for buying a catamaran such as ORC50 is speed and the function of speed is weight where less is more. Less weight on board the better performance is achieved, resulting in the ultimate satisfaction of the owner. 

When it comes to sailing, sailing at a fast pace is an incredible adrenaline rush. There are many other reasons for wanting the boat to sail fast. At the top of the list is personal satisfaction when racing, it is also a fun experience. Despite this, there are some who questions whether extra speed is necessary for sailing multihulls. It was fascinating to discover that safety is one of the most important reasons for wanting a fast sailing yacht. It ensures that you are able to reach your destination safely – to help avoid rapidly changing weather, then with less weight on your boat the more you can perform in versatile weather conditions. A lighter boat needs less auxiliary engine power, yet again saving weight. Lighter boat lends itself well for alternative electric power.

To sum up, a faster sailing boat means you can avoid nasty weather, handle different weather conditions and have fun doing so. Speed also allows you to go further and see more in a given time. In today’s fast paced life, we all strive to maximise our time, to get more out of each day. Sailing faster can give us that bit of extra time to play with and if we can get an extra safety margin wraith that.

Designed by Christophe Barreau and built by Marsaudon Composites, the ORC 50 is the perfect racing cruiser catamaran for all. For further information contact John Rich on 0412 517 424 or johnrich@planetmultihull.com . 


Waterline length: 15.24m
Overall length: 15.24m
Max beam: 8.64m
Draft: 3/1.3m
Air draft: 23.5m
Min displacement: 8.6t
Max displacement: 11t
Mast length: 20m
Mainsail area: 88m2
Genoa area: 60m2
Engines: 2x saildrive 40cv
Diesel capacity: 2x 110l
Fresh water capacity: 2x 200l
Conception category: A
Architect: Christophe Barreau
Shipyard: Marsaudon Composites – Lorient – France


The ORC57 – the ultimate 18m catamaran for you

The ORC57 catamaran is the result of a 2-year collaboration between Marsaudon Composites and Marc Lombard Yacht Design. Throughout the creative process, the designers kept to the founder of Lotus Cars, Colin Chapman classic design dictum of “Keep it simple then add lightness”. While the ORC range is known around the world, they are predominantly known in France.

The ORC57 is manufactured in a female mould, using the infusion process. The catamaran is then reinforced with fibreglass and vinylester resin. The ORC50 and ORC42 are manufactured the same way. The ORC57 has some amazing appendages that comes with it. These include: daggerboards, suspended rudders and two tillers with direct transmission. All of this helps make the ORC57 a high-performance sailing catamaran.

The cockpit on the ORC57 is massive. It has two external helm seats with a splash guard, three fixed, three-person long seats with fitted cushions and two slots for mobile table legs. The cockpit is also protected by an extended roof. You will also find the 8 winches, sail lockers, swim ladder, wet lockers, docking cleats, windlass and more on the ORC57.

  • ORC 57 render drawing
  • ORC 57 render drawing
  • ORC 57 render drawing
  • ORC 57 side on render

The interior is spacious, with the saloon, galley, daybed and navigation table all in the main cabin. The saloon has a large dining table, a five-person long seat and three mobile stools and a daybed. There is approximately 2.1m headspace in the main cabin too. The fully equipped galley has a gas stovetop and oven, refrigerator, sink with pressurised hot and cold water as well as dedicated kitchen storage. The chart table is a large desk, which has integrated storage and a navigation consol. All of the lights are LED, which are both more powerful lights and use less power. The 12-volt electricity used on the boat is connected to 7 double USB sockets for all to use.

There are four cabins onboard the ORC57 – two are forward and two are aft. The aft cabins are more spacious, with a large double bed, large windows for natural light and large storage space in the gangway. The two forward cabins have a double bed, portlights and deck hatches for good ventilation as well as large storage spaces.

In the past three years, there has been an evolution in the demands of potential future customers from around the world. This evolution has shifted the market from a typical charter catamaran to a higher performing catamaran. As high performing catamarans, both the ORC50 and ORC42 have common characteristics. The ORC57 has similar features. The common characteristics are:

  • The lines are recognisable by their specific design. This gives the impression of lightness and power of the yacht
  • The recognised weight and structural quality of construction. This gives them exceptional sailing speed for cruising catamarans
  • The unique sensations in navigation. This is where pure sailing and adrenaline are mixed in complete safety when sailing
  • The refined interior style. Each of you will find what is necessary for long and comfortable sailing adventures

The main characteristics of the ORC57 attests to Marc Lombard’s desire to continue the development of high-performance cruising catamarans. Remaining faithful to the philosophy, the interior of the ORC57 retains the characteristics that make the boats light and very fast. With the use of visible composite and a minimum of lining, they have all the necessary equipment for long sailing voyages. I look forward to seeing the ORC57 when the first boat is launched in 2021.

Designed by Marc Lombard and will be built by Marsaudon Composites, the ORC57 will be the perfect racing and cruising catamaran for all. For further information, please contact John Rich on 0412 517 424 or johnrich@planetmultihull.com .



Waterline length: 17.1 m
Overall length: 18.4 m
Width: 9 m
Light ship displacement: 11.3 T
Maximum weight: 14.6 T
Draft: 1.5m / 4.5m
Air draft: 25.7m
Mainsail: 108m2
Genoa: 87m2

: Infusion method used in construction
: Glass reinforced sandwich and vinyl ester resin
: PVC foam core
• Appendices:
: Glass / vinylester fins
: Rudders suspended on wicks
: Tiller bars with direct transmission

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