Libertist Trimarans

Libertist 853 trimaran at speed - an adrenalin ride

Experience Freedom, Speed and Sheer joy of Sailing onboard the Libertist 853 Trimaran in 2021

The Libertist 853 – the red, revolutionary trimaran you were looking for.

Known for its fast pace and red hulls, the Libertist 853 is a stunning trimaran well known for its performance and foils. It manages to be fun and sporty, whilst also being a safe sailing yacht. The freedom and sailing versatility of the 853 reminds everyone that great things come in small packages.

The 853 can sail 8+ knots in light winds and 15+ knots in strong winds. Despite being 8.5m long, the interior is spacious and comfortable for crew and passengers – being able to sleep 4 and seat 6 comfortably in the saloon.

The Libertist 853 is an 8.5m long trimaran designed by Erik Lerouge. It is constructed by Libertist Yachts, a well-respected Polish shipyard. The 853 is very light, equipped with permanent mini foils, a rotating carbon mast and world leading NKE electronics. It is considered a real cruise-racer made from high quality materials. 

The 853 was created to ensure you have a great time sailing, while being sold at a very competitive price. According to Erik Lerouge, “the design is timeless. The tests validated our expectations for the downwind attitude control with the bonus of a reduction in pitch in choppy conditions”. According to Multihull World, “Helming is a lot of fun and the machine is very responsive.” It was also noticed that “reefing was essential with the arrival of gusts of more than 30 knots” during the test sail Libertist Trimarans conducted.

When the Libertist 853 was being designed in France, there was considerable debate over folding or demountable construction for trimarans. Demountable construction was an easy choice as it allowed for a stiffer and lighter trimaran with less give in the actual construction. This has ensured that you have a safe, fun and great sailing trimaran all in one package. 

There is a lot of designed buoyancy in the floats, both forward and aft. The concept of mini foils is not new – their purpose is to further lift the bows when sailing down wind and promote semi foiling whilst sailing to windward. 

The Libertist 853 trimaran looks in essence like a scaled down version of the famous ORMA60 trimarans. When sailing at speed, first the windward float raises above the water; then as the speed increases the centre/main hull rises above the water. At this point, the Libertist is sailing on its leeward float and the centre hull. Whilst the boat speed rises the only submerged fully functional rudder is on the leeward float. If the boat only had a central rudder, the helmsman would have to slowdown to retain effective steering and the wetted surface will increase, slowing the boat even further. So the multiple rudder system dramatically improve performance and agility. The Libertist 853 as well as the ORMA60 can sail very fast and effectively on one float and its daggerboard while remaining fully responsive to its leeward rudder. All this, combined with the correct sail trim makes the Libertist 853 a perfectly balanced trimaran sailing at its ultimate speed. 

From the first moment I saw the boat in France some 18-months ago at La Grande Motte 2019, I was impressed by the flat deck. It allows safe movement between the foredeck, mast and cockpit. There is no coach roof on the deck, and that is a great feature on a trimaran of this size. To accommodate this deck design, the height of the boat above the waterline has been increased.

The carbon wing mast is built by a specialist mast maker and for Australians, it will be delivered in two pieces which will be connected by a sleeve system. The boom is made of an alloy tube based on weight analysis. This makes the assembly of fittings easier and the total weight advantage over cost benefit is negligible. 

As the sides of the boat are higher, the cockpit becomes deeper and results in much safer area when sailing offshore. All lines needed to control the boat’s performance as well as the helm are in easy reach for the skipper. The Libertist 853 is easy to sail single-handed. Once inside, I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of space, standing room and the width at shoulder height. That is because the cabin goes side to side and the raised sides create a much-appreciated sense of space. Inside, there is ample space for six adults to sit around the central table. The seats serve as bunks during the night. There is room for storage everywhere; in the galley, head and the forward V-birth in the separate cabin.

Designed by Erik Lerouge and built in Polish shipyard Libertist Yachts, the Libertist 853 is light, fast and fun for all to sail. For further information, please contact John Rich on 0412 517 424 or .



Naval Architect: Erik Lerouge
Builder: Libertist Yachts (Poland)
Construction: Epoxy glass/foam sandwich (infusion), carbon arms

Length: 8.53m (28’)
Beam: 7.10m (23.4’)
Draught: 0.45m-1.95m (18’-6.5’)
Empty weight: 1,400kg (3,100lbs)

Height and surface of the rotating mast: 13.6m/4m2 (44.8’/43sqft)
Mainsail area: 40m2/131sqft
Self-tacking jib: 19m2/62sqft
Asymmetrical spinnaker: 78m2/255sqft

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