iFly Foiling Catamaran

The iFly15 – the fast, sporty foiling catamaran that loves speed while keeping control

“We love speed while keeping control. Speed must be controllable. Achieving a stable flight situation is the future of foiling sport catamarans.” This is how Michael, the creator of iFly describes the iFly15.

The iFly15 is a production foiling catamaran for sailors who love fast sailing. while having understood that it is important to stay in control of the boat. Ifly stands for uniqueness in design and its function. It has a superior fly safe active foil control system that autonomously supports the stable horizontal flight position in the longitudinal and lateral direction. The foils do not have to be operated by the sailor while sailing. 

The iFly15 was designed and is produced in Germany. With over 80 happy sailors in 16 countries worldwide over the past 2 years, the iFly is proving to be a fast, fun, performance foiling catamaran. With the ability to be shipped worldwide, the iFly is available to all who wish to own one.

Why the iFLY15?
  • iFLY15 delivers immediate flying fun within the first minutes, even for average skilled sailors with experience on any dinghy or beach catamaran.
  • On iFLY15, the foils do not need to be manipulated by the sailor during navigation. All four foils remain in the same position. This allows you to maintain stable sailing in shifty and gusty wind conditions, as well as a choppy sea state.
  • Stable flight allows the ambitious sailor to push hard: it is key to be constantly on the foils and thus sailing sustainably fast.
  • Experienced iFLY15 sailors reach 100% flight time on all courses, especially when full foiling upwind.
  • The foil configuration and flight assistance facilitate spectacular foiling gybes, while maintaining high flying at full speed. This is very unique for a catamaran of this kind.
  • Taking off early and staying on the foils makes you win races and have more fun. It increases the number of happy sailing days considerably when you are able to fly at 16kts of boat speed in only 7kts of true wind speed, instead of just drifting.
  • iFLY is German engineering, made in Western Europe, and has excellent building quality.

Why foiling on the iFly15 is both safe and fun

The iFly’s support system, the Flysafe â active foil control system, supports stable flight. This allows the iFly to foil upwind and downwind. The iFly is able to gybe and tack while foiling. The control system also ensures stable foiling in rough weather and waves. It is important to maintain stable foiling to sail fast and avoid dangerous deacceleration. The control system manages all aspects when the iFly is foiling. This means the sailor only focuses on having fun while going fast when foiling on their iFly. 

The iFly doesn’t have a genoa or jib. This is because the sail needs to be moved between the port and starboard hulls. This is due to there being no rigging or bow sprit in front of the mast. To ensure the iFly’s sailing performance abilities, iFly decided to create their own forward – the Code F. The benefits of using the Code F instead of a regular forward sail include: decreasing the weight of the boat, making it easier to bring the iFly back to shore and you get better angles when sailing upwind and downwind. 

The wind range for foiling is 7 knots – 25 knots. The iFly15 can foil at 30 knots ofr more boat speed.

The iFly can be a solo sail or double. It can be sailed with none, one or two trapezes.  

In the summer of 2019, a team on the iFLY15 successfully crossed the English Channel via the same route. The official World Sailing WSSRC council rout is the longest distance to cross the English Channel. This route is very challenging due to the sea state and the tidal currents. The duo Yo Wiebel and Tamara Baumann mastered the iFLY on the long journey without encountering any issues – they were flying in a stable way over choppy sea. This is proof of the iFLY’s seaworthiness, reliability and fun! 

For further information, please contact John Rich on 0412 517 424 or johnrich@planetmultihull.com .


Length: 4.63m
Width: 2.5m
Draft: 0.95m
Mast: 7.5m
Mainsail: 12.5m2
Weight: 90kg
Crew: 1 or 2 – maximum weight 180kg