An Interesting Project from the Planet Multihull

The Kanka project started with a personal brief. A small and fast boat that is: easy to construct by one person, easily transportable, eco-friendly as well as inexpensive. It was decided fairly early on that the boat would need to be stable as it is rather uncomfortable to capsize during the winter season. This wasContinue reading “An Interesting Project from the Planet Multihull”

iFLY15 to attempt world record Cowes to Dinard / St Malo

Breaking News: Yo Wiebel and Tamara Baumann on a iFLY15 filing catamaran are attempting to break the world record Cowes to Dinard / Saint Malo in July 2021! They will be crossing the English Channel, which is 138 nm (255km) offshore. They will foil through one of the toughest bodies of water. In the summerContinue reading “iFLY15 to attempt world record Cowes to Dinard / St Malo”

Marsaudon TS becomes Ocean Rider Catamarans

The ORC50 and ORC42 are high-performance cruising catamarans that have been manufactured by Marsaudon Composites since 2014. These fast performance catamarans are designed by Christophe Barreau and have established a solid reputation as regatta winning catamarans, predominantly in France. In the past three years, there has been an evolution in the demands of potential futureContinue reading “Marsaudon TS becomes Ocean Rider Catamarans”

Preparing for Long Term Cruising with a Pre-Existing Medical Condition

Having a pre-existing medical condition, or something similar is no reason to stop living, or to stop yourself from doing something you want to do. This could include things like: boating, cruising, road trips, travelling and so forth. Despite this belief, you do however need to be prepared and somewhat organised. What would happen ifContinue reading “Preparing for Long Term Cruising with a Pre-Existing Medical Condition”

ORC50 – a big brother to the ORC42

“Easy to handle, easy maintain, light, performant and still offering unique catamaran sailing pleasure … A big brother to the ORC42.”  Marsaudon Composites builds the world famous Ocean Rider Catamarans (ORC), the ORC50 is a prime example. The forerunner to the ORC50, the TS50, was a family cruising catamaran which clocked 400 miles in 24Continue reading “ORC50 – a big brother to the ORC42”

Why a high performance multihull for cruising

Why you Should Pick a High-Performance Multihull for Cruising:What do you look for when thinking about going cruising on a yacht? For me, cruising is and should be many things: safety, fast sailing, fun, comfort, an adventure, satisfaction and something you love included. For cruising to be everything I listed above, you are going to need aContinue reading “Why a high performance multihull for cruising”