About Us

Planet Multihull – Fast Fun Performance Multihulls

With a passion and interest in multihulls, Planet Multihull aims to help people find their dream multihull. We currently have the rights to distribute: Rapido Trimarans, Libertist Trimarans and the iFLY15 Foiling Catamaran across Australia. With our award winning and record breaking multihulls, Planet Multihull has all the fast, fun performance multihulls for you to explore.

Planet Multihull Principal – John Rich

John Rich is an offshore yachtsman with more than 40 years of sailing and boat building experience. John has spent time cruising and racing in coastal and ocean waters of Australia and Europe – crossing both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. John was part of the first disabled crew. He raced the wrong-way half-way around the world on board Time & Tide in the BT Global Challenge. It was in the early 1990’s that he discovered joys of sailing multihulls.

John is a published author in business. His books ‘Networking Games: Making Profitable Connections’ and ‘Enhanced Customer Satisfaction’ have helped develop the business world.

John Rich is now spending his time finding new and used catamarans and trimarans for a unique breed of dreamers and adventure hungry people. His passion is to help people find their dream multihulls. John’s global boating industry and market knowledge as well as sailing experience and contacts, place him in unique position to deliver on his promise to assist his clients and figure out what their dream boat looks like, where to find her, how and when to acquire it to sail away. 

For more information, please contact John Rich on 0412 517 424 or johnrich@planetmultihull.com