MOD70 PowerPlay 2021 Round the Island Race Video

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PowerPlay MOD70 winning 90th Round the Island Race 2021. © Lloyd Images

Peter Cunningham’s MOD70 PowerPlay finished the 50-mile race ahead of Francis Joyon’s 105ft trimaran IDEC and Yves Le Blevec’s 100ft ULTIM Actuel.

To put MOD70 PowerPlay’s magnificent win into perspective, Joyon’s IDEC holds the Jules Verne outright Round the World Record and the Transatlantic Record for the Route du Rhum. Actuel, as Macif, holds the Solo Round the World record.

MOD70 PowerPlay Crew: Peter Cunningham (Helm), Ned Collier Wakefield (Skipper), Tom Dawson, Miles Seddon, Paul Larsen, Nick Hutton, Frank Gerber, Martin Watts, John Hamilton.

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