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Kanka 14 sketch

The Kanka project started with a personal brief. A small and fast boat that is: easy to construct by one person, easily transportable, eco-friendly as well as inexpensive. It was decided fairly early on that the boat would need to be stable as it is rather uncomfortable to capsize during the winter season. This was the main factor in making the Kanka 14 a trimaran. With François Pérus, Romain Scolari and Tanguy De Bonnieres as the naval architects behind this project, nothing can possibly go wrong.

The Kanka 14 is a 14-foot-long sailing trimaran that comes in a kit that you can build yourself at home. It is an easy to build boat that you can go sailing on once you have completed building it. Everything you need to build this boat comes in the box. These materials include: plywood, wood, the glue, bio-sourced epoxy resin and fibre-glass, fasteners, carbon mast and aluminium boom, sails, nests, deck gear, running and staying rigging and dyneema lashings.

There are many reasons to buy the Kanka 14 kit. These reasons include:

  • Fast sailing trimaran
  • Inexpensive to build
  • Fun, bonding experience for a family
  • Next unique challenge for a woodworking course
  • A community project to bring people together
  • Develops interest in sailing / spending time on the water
  • FUN!

Can you imagine the sense of accomplishment you will feel when you have not only built your own boat but can then go sailing on it? This project will tie in the amazement you feel for completing a goal and the ability to then use said project to create more fun and dreams. With the construction process and subsequent completion of building your own boat, families and communities can reconnect as well as discover new passions. It can also lead you to explore the world around you. If you add that building your own boat and then sailing it is a new and unique project for anyone. It appears to be very difficult to determine why you should NOT buy your own Kanka 14 kit.

The wood, plywood in particular was chosen for numerous reasons. These include:

  • Wood is adaptable
  • The absence of a mould means that the owner can construct the Kanka 14 with flexibility
  • It is environmentally friendlier to use wood than other materials.

With a more developed industry it is much easier to recycle wood than other materials used in construction. Using wood also means there are less solvents and irritating dust particles when you are constructing your boat.

Below are the specs for the Kanka 14:

Length: 4m
Width: 3.7m
Displacement: 135kg
Draft: 0.15,-1m
Mast length: 6.3m
Mainsail: 8m2
Jib: 4m2
Screecher: TBD
Design: Yacht Design Collective and Tanguy De Bonnieres

If you want to buy your own Kanka 14 kit, call John Rich on 0412 517 424 or email him at

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