Preparing for Long Term Cruising with a Pre-Existing Medical Condition

Preparing for cruising with a pre-existing medical condition

Having a pre-existing medical condition, or something similar is no reason to stop living, or to stop yourself from doing something you want to do. This could include things like: boating, cruising, road trips, travelling and so forth. Despite this belief, you do however need to be prepared and somewhat organised. What would happen if you arrived at a destination that does not have the medication you need? What happens if you run out of your medication before you reach your destination? How much medication should you have spare? Does the destination you are going to have easy access to health care? While these things do need to be considered, this should not stop you on your adventure. Below is some advice for preparing for long term cruising with a pre-existing medical condition.

Research your destinations before you arrive

This, I believe is fairly simple and will make your life much easier. A lot of people research their destination before arriving. They would look at attractions, places to sight see, accommodation, food and so on. It is easy to simply add health care and medication research onto this list. Knowing in advance whether you will need to stock up more medication for your trip will ease your stress levels and will ensure you focus your time doing things you want to do.

Have at least triple the medication necessary for you cruising adventure

 I admit, this may seem quite excessive, paranoid even. There is, however, logic behind this piece of advice. I describe this as a win-win scenario. If you arrive at your destination and there is no medication available, you have enough to hold you through. You will be able to enjoy this time without stress and have a lot of fun. If you arrive at your destination and find your medication available, you can stock up, have fun and still have a great trip. If you had only packed enough medication for your trip, arrived and realised there was no new medication available, this would cause you problems. This would not only increase your stress and prevent you from actually having a holiday, it could put your life in danger. This is something we all want to avoid.

Consider stocking your first aid kit and medication as if it were food

While this is similar to previous advice, it does help put you in the correct mindset for stocking before a journey. I find it helpful to think of stocking up the first aid kit and other medications as another section of the food – something we need lots of and need to keep an eye on. We all know that food is important and having enough is even more so. To prevent us running out, we stock more than (hopefully) necessary, with some of the food being non-perishables. Stocking your first aid kit and medication is similar. You definitely need enough to cover your trip there, and perhaps your trip back. It is also similar in that if you do not have what you need medication wise, then the consequences could be dire, if not fatal. If this confuses you, just remember that medication and first aid are just as important as food.

As seen above, preparing for a long passage when cruising is actually fairly straight forward to prepare for. In simple terms, you need to know what you will need, how much you will need and then pretty much double it. You can never be sure what the situation will be when you arrive at your destination. While this does apply to food, fuel, water and spare, this also applies to your first aid medical kit, and any other medication you need. I hope you take this advice seriously and you enjoy your cruising adventure. 

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