What makes a Libertist a great adrenaline buzz?

The wind is whipping through your hair, there is this energetic buzz you feel, a near jump in your step, and the sense that you have never, ever, done anything this amazing in your life. You may have very nearly lost your hat, your hands may be shaking, you may be holding onto your steering wheel for dear life, and you have never, ever, felt more alive. Even when you stop, you want to continue – you never want to give up this amazing buzz you’re experiencing. Imagine it; feel it; embrace it. You, right now, are currently sailing on a very fast trimaran – a Libertist 853 to be precise.

This fast, sporty, red sailing machine is the very definition of a great adrenaline buzz. It also happens to be selling for an amazing price to boot. With the ability to sail at 19.8 knots as demonstrated in test sailing conditions, this speedy trimaran has the capacity to sail in most weather conditions. In the same test sail, you see this trimaran’s adaptability to sail in both light and strong winds; in both calm and stormy conditions as well. If you heart cannot handle the 19.8 knots and subsequent adrenaline buzz, you can take this safe and revolutionary trimaran and sail in slightly less mad weather conditions, to still have an amazing time. If you can handle all that makes the Libertist 853 an amazing adrenaline buzz, this fun, prestigious, performance trimaran is your dream yacht. It will take you on any and every sailing adventure you can dream of.

Where can you possibly go wrong?

The sense of satisfaction you feel when sailing on the LIbertist 853 is amazing. You even feel smug that this amazing trimaran is yours. I hope to see you out sailing, living your dream and having your adrenaline fix on your very own red Libertist 853.