Why a high performance multihull for cruising

Why you Should Pick a High-Performance Multihull for Cruising:What do you look for when thinking about going cruising on a yacht? For me, cruising is and should be many things: safety, fast sailing, fun, comfort, an adventure, satisfaction and something you love included. For cruising to be everything I listed above, you are going to need a high-performance multihull – and here is why.

Safety should be your first concern when it comes to cruising. It does not matter how much fun you are having, the speed you are sailing or how adventurous you are feeling. If your yacht is not safe, then you should never be out on it, especially if you are going cruising away from civilisation for months, if not years on end. Being on a yacht of sound structure, with good quality gear and backup systems in place, at minimum is a must for going cruising. Long story short, having a safe yacht when cruising will save you life. Not maybe, not might. Will. Beyond the minimum listed above, when considering safety, you should be thinking about how to avoid nasty weather conditions, how much you trust your yacht, which part of the world you are in; the list goes on. With high-performance multihulls, you can sail away from nasty weather, you get to your destination faster, the boat structure is sound, the gear is of good quality and I trust high-performance multihulls implicitly. You can also make sure you have backup systems in place. I personally, feel safer cruising on a high-performance multihull.

Fast sailing. Fast sailing is much more than just your adrenaline fix. Sailing fast can get you to safety, get you to your destination faster and help you avoid nasty weather – while also being an incredibly fun way to spend your time. To summarise, your safety and choice of what you do is increased when sailing fast. A monohull is limited in the speed it can go. A cruising catamaran and trimaran can only go so fast due to weight, design, luxury items, etc. On the other hand, a high-performance multihull is designed and weighs less to ensure your fast speeds. With a creative design team, a high-performance multihull can be fast, comfortable and so much more.  

Fun. What is the point of cruising if you cannot have fun? Fun can include fast sailing, meandering along a coastline and much, much more. With the variety of sailing speed and more space on your yacht, the high-performance multihull is definitely the way to go.

Comfort. As you will be spending a lot, if not all of your time on your yacht when cruising, being comfortable is a must. A monohull will lean when sailing and may roll when you are moored. This is very uncomfortable for me. Meanwhile, a high-performance multihull is both comfortable when sailing and when moored. Catamarans do not lean at all, whereas trimarans lean very little when sailing. Both catamarans and trimarans are comfortable at anchor. Thus, a high-performance multihull manages to be comfortable at both sea and anchor.

Adventure. Cruising is many things; an adventure is definitely one of them. With the ability to sail fast, you have an adventure getting from A to B. And it goes further than that. As you get to your destination faster on a high-performance multihull, you have more time for adventures at said destination. On top of that, you have time for more adventures, as you spend less time to get to your next destination. All in all, whether you are on your way, have arrived or on your next journey, you are always having an adventure on your high-performance multihull.

Satisfaction. In a similar fashion to adventure, there is a sense of satisfaction when cruising. You are able to travel the world, visit amazing locations, meet amazing people and so, so much more. On your high-performance multihull, you get all of this while having space for everything you need, as well as the ability to experience some very fast sailing. How could you not have this sense of satisfaction when having your very own high-performance multihull?

Something you love. Someone once said that if you do not love what you do, then you shouldn’t be doing it. It is the same with cruising. If cruising is something you are passionate about and want to do, then jump on it and have a blast. For me, cruising is something I love, and a part of that is having a boat you love. I personally love high-performance multihulls and I would go cruising on one in a heartbeat.

As I have written above, there are multiple reasons to go cruising on a high-performance multihull. There are also other points and views that I have not mentioned too. I hope that you have learnt something from this blog and take it in the spirit it was given – an opinion piece about high-performance multihulls.