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Rapido Trimarans

The Rapido 60 is the world’s fastest cruising trimaran. The Rapido 60 offers a spacious and luxurious experience with safe, cutting edge, on-water performance.

Explore the complete range of 40′, 50′ and 60′ versions

Ocean Rider Catamarans

Cruise quickly! Win ARC rallies!

The Ocean Rider Catamarans (ORC) ORC 57, ORC 50 and ORC 42 are the fastest production catamarans on the planet. A ORC 50 won the ARC 2019, crossing the Atlantic in 11 days whilst running pilates classes for the crew.

Libertist Trimarans

The Libertist was created to ensure you have a great time sailing. Available in any colour as long as it is red!

Experience freedom, speed and the sheer joy of sailing onboard Libertist 853 trimaran in 2021! 

iFLY15 Foiling Catamaran

“We love speed while keeping control… Achieving a stable flight situation is the future of foiling sport catamarans.”

This unique, fast, fun, sporty performance foiling catamaran gives you a sense of freedom never felt before.

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Marsaudon TS becomes Ocean Rider Catamarans

The ORC50 and ORC42 are high-performance cruising catamarans that have been manufactured by Marsaudon Composites since 2014. These fast performance catamarans are designed by Christophe Barreau and have established a solid reputation as regatta winning catamarans, predominantly in France. In the past three years, there has been an evolution in the demands of potential futureContinue reading “Marsaudon TS becomes Ocean Rider Catamarans”

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